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Impresoras, aplicadores y Software de Código de Barras

Distribuidor Autorizado de Tharo Systems, Inc. es un proveedor the soluciones integrales de identificación de producto e inventario con tecnologia de Código de Barras y RFID (Radio Frequency Identification).

Software de diseño e impresión de Etiquetas

Impresoras de Etiquetas de Codigo de Barras y RFID
Impresoras de Código de Barras

Aplicadores Automaticos de Etiquetas de Codigo de Barras y RFID
Aplicadores Automáticos

Etiquetas y Ribbon
Etiquetas y Ribbon

Filial de ID Systems USA

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Servidor de impresión EASYLABEL para 3 Impresoras (NPS3) con interfaz web para la selección e impresión de etiquetas.

Part# NPS3-USB NET PRINT SERVER for 3 Printers with USB Key

$1,611.00 Dls

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Although ELNPS Clients can be any system with a web browser, the ELNPS Label Server MUST be a Windows based system because of ELNPS’s use of ASP.NET.

The software functions in the following manner: the format is selected for printing by either a thumbnail image or format name. After selection you may fill in any variable information and request a specific amount of labels to be printed. You may then submit the job for printing through the EASYLABEL Net Print Server application running on a Windows based Label Server PC. Label design can be done on the Windows based Label Server PC using EASYLABEL, or on any other Windows based PC running a licensed version of EASYLABEL. You also can import existing formats that were created using any version of EASYLABEL. A hardware licensing key is necessary on the Label Server PC. No software needs to be installed on the client PCs.

The EASYLABEL Net Print Server can only be used to print labels. Labels can not be modified within the ELNPS web browser interface. The ELNPS web browser interface does not support the record selection drop-down used to select database records in EASYLABEL. When using databases, the data you enter into the prompt will be submitted to EASYLABEL, which will execute the query as it normally would and return the record(s) that match the specified search criteria. The ELNPS user interface supports entering Unicode text only for label fields that have the “Unicode Data” option set to “Yes.” Unicode also is supported for user names and passwords. It is recommended that passwords use only ASCII characters because the text can not be seen as it is entered.

    EL6P-USB Software para etiquetado de códigos de barras e identificación de productos EASYLABEL PLATIMUN 6. Incluye formateo de texto personalizado, soporte para ADO y OLE DB, opciones de importación, asistente para EAN/UCC 128, procesamiento a travéz de línea de c..

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Servidor de impresión EASYLABEL para 10 Impresoras (NPS10) con interfaz web para la selección e impresión de etiquetas.


$2,056.50 Dls      Part# NPS10-USB NET PRINT SERVER for 10 Printers with USB Key

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